Understanding the Bystander Effect

What happens after a road accident takes place? What’s the next most important thing to do?

Pedestrians and bystanders at the scene of an accident, are supposed to move over to help the victims. But, more often than not, bystanders don’t try to assist the victims instead, they either ignore and walk away, record the event on their phones, or just stand by and watch what happens next. This phenomenon is known as the Bystander Effect.

  • Calling out words loudly like “This person needs help” can help break the shock and effects of being a bystander in a crowd, thereby helping to mobilize assistance.
  • Call out specific commands until the people around respond, for example, “ The man in the blue shirt, please call an ambulance service or the man with the yellow jeans on, please help direct incoming vehicles away from this axis. Does anyone know first aid here?”.This can also help others break out of this state.

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