OBESITY; what about this chronic condition?

  • Maintaining a healthy eating habit- choosing healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and protein sources. Limiting consumption of unhealthy foods, intermittent fasting and calorie deficit meals helps in maintaining weight loss.
  • Increasing physical activities and limiting screen time — People who are obese should start regular physical activity especially when they starta healthy eating plan. Being active helps you use calories. Regular physical activity may help you maintain a healthy weight.
  • Improving sleep -Not having a good amount of sleep can determine how much fat is lost as well as how much muscle mass one can retain while on a calorie restricted diet. In other words too little sleep can make you eat more than necessary. The recommended sleep duration for adults is seven to nine hours per night.
  • Reducing stress — Learning to recognize stress and developing relaxation skills can help you gain control of unhealthy eating habits.



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