How To Assist A Gunshot Wound Victim.

If you have been shot or you’re with someone who has been shot, these are things you must know;

First, It’s important to make sure the place is safe, before going to help because you can’t help anyone if you get hurt yourself.

If you are faced with a gunshot wound incident, getting prompt medical attention prevents the wound from leading to death.

Contact the law enforcement agency immediately, and The Ambulance Company for emergency medical care before approaching the victim.

While you move over to help the victim; use a dressing (gauze, towels, shirts, etc.), to place strong pressure on the wound, if blood is coming out of a hole, put a lot of pressure on it. For particularly bad bleeding, don’t be afraid to use your knee and really lean on the wound hard. Don’t try to clean the wound itself.

Let conscious patients sit or lie in the position most comfortable for them.

Stay with them and continue to reassure them and keep them warm.

If they stop breathing, start CPR immediately


Never give the patient anything to eat or drink, including water.

Do not move the casualty unless you need to do so to keep him safe or so that you have space to treat him. Moving could aggravate a spinal injury.

In general, you shouldn’t elevate the legs of a gunshot victim. Gunshot wounds to the abdomen and chest will bleed more quickly once the legs are elevated, making it harder for the patient to breathe.

In Summary;

If you are dealing with a gunshot wound, the key priorities are;

*staying safe,

*calling for help,

*stopping the bleeding,

*keeping the wound clean.

You will need to make some quick decisions, but the more prepared you are, the better the outcome will be.

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